Dermalogica Mini Facial

Give your skin a quick boost with this mini facial. A deep cleanse will help to clean out the skin, which is followed by your face being skin mapped by your therapist to see what products will suit you. Relax whilst your suited mask is applied. We will finish with a toner and moisturiser to help your skin.



Dermalogica Facial

This treatment is tailored to suit your skins needs, while you feel completely relaxed. Starting with a deep cleanse which will be followed by your therapist skin mapping your face to see what products to use. An exfoliation will remove any dry skin, then you can relax with a soothing face massage. Masks will be chosen to suit your skin then we will finish with a lovely toner and moisturiser.



Facial Lifting

Boost your skin with this toning treatment, that uses collagen gel under electrodes. A really relaxing treatment that makes a difference to your skin. (course of treatments recommended)